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Is It Too Late to Have Braces? 

February 15, 2022

You made it through childhood and adolescence without having braces, but now that you’re an adult, you have glanced in the mirror and wondered why you didn’t get that life-changing smile makeover with traditional braces or clear aligners in Boca Raton. It’s not too late if you want to straighten your teeth with braces as an adult. While braces are generally associated with children and teens, they may be worn by anybody of any age once the majority of the adult teeth have grown. 


Adult Treatment Using Clear Aligners  

Is There a Difference in Treatment for Adults?  

Getting your teeth straightened as an adult is similar to getting them straightened as a teenager. In fact, one out of every three orthodontic patients is an adult. The fundamental difference between adolescent and adult patients is that adults have increased bone density and mature bones and teeth. Even if you’re an adult, clear aligners may be beneficial. When you apply continual pressure to your teeth, they will shift. 

Why is A Clear Aligner the Best Choice?  

Adults tend to prefer to have their teeth straightened in a less noticeable way. Because traditional metal braces are so noticeable when worn, an increasing number of people are researching the advantages of clear aligners. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible while worn and may even be taken out for a few hours each day, making them a popular choice. 

Who Can Benefit from Braces? 

Clear aligners are suitable for people of all ages. This comprises both middle-aged and older citizens. Even if this age group has most likely lived their entire lives with crooked teeth and/or bite issues, it is never too late to seek orthodontic treatment. Even while it is best to have one’s teeth straightened and any bite abnormalities treated when one is young since their teeth and jaws are not fully set, making the orthodontic treatment easier, dental patients in their middle or later years can still have these issues addressed.  Choosing braces as a treatment option can benefit almost everyone who is unhappy with their smile for any of the following reasons:  

  • Crossbite 
  • Misalignments 
  • Awkward gaps 
  • Crooked teeth 
  • Overcrowded teeth 
  • Underbite 
  • Overbite 

Clear Aligners: Functionality vs. Aesthetics  

Adults who use clear aligners might have their teeth straightened and/or bite abnormalities fixed. As a result, the treatment can address both aesthetic and functional difficulties. Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of every day, as well as the correction of any functional issues they’ve been dealing with. 

Are Clear Aligners a Viable Option for Me? 

Aligners may be a realistic solution for you if you have a few misaligned teeth or a complete row. When assessing eligibility, age is not taken into account, thus you can never be too old to begin treatment! In reality, many folks put off dental work until later in life when they can afford it. As a result, dentists see more elderly patients for clear aligners than younger individuals. 


Think You Need Clear Aligners in Boca Raton?   

Schedule a consultation at 5th Ave Dental if you’ve talked to someone about braces or clear aligners but aren’t certain if they’re the appropriate therapy for you. We’ll examine your teeth and provide you with a professional recommendation for the best treatment.