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dentist shows how to properly clean Dentures in Boca Raton

Denture Repair or Denture Replacement? 

July 04, 2022

How long do dentures in Boca Raton last? Unlike dental implants that can last a lifetime, dentures have a limited lifespan. But if you follow proper denture care, you can definitely get the most out of this dental prosthesis. Patients who are careful in handling their dentures enjoy seven to ten years of beautiful and functional smiles. 

Then again, despite their durability, there will come a time when you’ll need to go back to the clinic to either have your denture repaired or replaced. One of the biggest questions people want to know is whether they need a repair or a complete replacement. 

If you are on a budget, we understand if you insist on doing repairs, but unfortunately, there are instances when denture issues are beyond repair, leaving you with no choice but to get a new one. 

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Denture Repair Versus Denture Replacement 

When Do Dentures Need Attention? 

Since you’ve been wearing your dentures for a while now, you’ll know if something feels wrong. Whenever you encounter a denture problem, regardless of if it’s just a minor issue, you need to address it right away before it gets worse. If you continue to wear damaged dentures, you could suffer from mouth sores and cuts. 

Your dentist will assess your mouth and jawbone to check for problems and decide if you need a replacement or just an adjustment. Some signs your dentist will check for include stains, facial structure changes, gum tenderness, mouth sores, and gum swelling and bleeding. 

What Factors Should You Consider? 

Age of Dentures 

How long you’ve been wearing your dentures can help you decide if you need repairs or a replacement. If you’ve had them for more than 10 years, it might be best to get new dentures instead of holding on to them. But if you’ve only had them for a couple of years, a better option would be to send them to opt for repairs. 

The Severity of the Damage 

Another factor worth considering is the severity of the damage. How many teeth were chipped? If it’s just one or two, denture repair is more feasible. But, if all your artificial teeth have been shattered, your best option is to get a new denture. 

You must also consider the reason for the damage. For example, if you accidentally dropped them while cleaning them, a denture repair may be possible. But, a replacement is needed if the artificial teeth don’t fit your mouth anymore. Ill-fitting dentures won’t be able to do their job and may even cause discomfort. 

The Budget 

Your budget is just as important. Although a denture repair is significantly more cost-efficient, replacing them entirely can save you money in the long run if the damage is severe. We’ve seen patients requesting repairs, but they keep coming back to have their dentures fixed again. 

While a new denture may seem expensive upfront, it’s also more durable, has a better fit, and substantially improves oral health and function. In such a case, you’re better off with a replacement. 

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Do You Need New Dentures in Boca Raton? 

If the damage is beyond repair, we can provide you with a new set of dentures so you can smile confidently again. At 5th Ave Dental, we have a team of dedicated health professionals who strive to improve your well-being through first-class dentistry. Our dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to give you the best possible dental care. Contact us if you need an appointment.