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woman showing her beautiful smile as a result of teeth whitening in Boca Raton

FAQs About Teeth Whitening

October 11, 2021

Who should whiten their teeth? Professional teeth whitening in Boca Raton allows everyone to get that brightened smile. This treatment has been shown to be quite successful at removing stains from teeth, such as those caused by cigarettes, tetracycline, tea, coffee, and a variety of other substances. Below are the frequently asked questions you may want to know before getting your teeth whitened by a professional. 

dentist checking the desired whiteness of a patient's teeth as part of teeth whitening in Boca Raton

Basic Info You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening 

Are Toothpaste Whiteners Really Effective? 

Generally, whitening toothpastes only remove minor stains and do not change the color of the teeth. Although you’ll notice some visual improvements, the teeth are not genuinely whitened. Stains that the naked eye can’t see may still exist and only professional cleaning and whitening can do the job. 

Is the Substance Used in Teeth Whitening Toxic? 

Products developed from urea, hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide – substances found in human cells – should be used with caution to prevent dental damage. Those who experience toxicity and damage to their teeth are the ones who don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions or have abused the products for several years.  

Does Teeth Whitening Affect Dental Crowns, Veneers, and Filling? 

Whitening has few or no effect on restorative dental treatments like crowns and veneers, but it can weaken the link between composite restorations and teeth enamel for a short time. This is why it’s best to consult your dentist before starting any teeth whitening treatment. 

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost? 

Prices vary and depend on the condition of your teeth. Over-the-counter whitening kits will cost you about $25 up to the hundreds. While extensive professional whitening treatments will typically cost more, you’re getting the best treatment. There may be a significant difference in the price, but there is also a huge difference in the results.  

Is It Safe to Get Your Teeth Bleached? 

Yes, teeth whitening has been confirmed to be safe in numerous studies. Fluoride and calcium sulfate can help to protect your tooth enamel. As long as you stick to dentist-approved methods, bleaching your teeth is safe. 

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last? 

Whitening can last anywhere from 8 to 24 months. However, there are some studies that have reported benefits lasting up to 10 years. Avoiding cigarettes, caffeine, and red wine, all of which can discolor your teeth, will help them last longer. 

Who Can Get Their Teeth Whitened? 

Generally, every patient is a good candidate for teeth whitening. However, each dental condition is unique. It’s ideal to get in touch with a dentist before anything else. 

Can Teeth Whitening Cause Permanent Tooth Sensitivity? 

The sensitivity you feel on your teeth after the treatment is always temporary. This means that any sensitivity caused by the whitening should stop after some time passes. 

Will Teeth Whitening Harm My Enamel? 

Dental whitening does not cause lasting damage to the enamel or any other tooth structures. Enamel loss is caused by eating and drinking acidic food and beverages. Hence, teeth whitening is not the reason why you get enamel erosion

remarkable effect of teeth whitening in Boca Raton

Ready to Get Teeth Whitening in Boca Raton? 

Teeth whitening is ideal for patients who have unrestored and healthy teeth. Those with yellow teeth are the ones who respond best to this treatment. However, anyone can get this dental procedure if they’re unhappy with the color of their teeth. Get ahold of us through our responsive and friendly team.