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How to Speed Up Root Canal Recovery 

May 9, 2022

If you’re scheduled for a root canal in Boca Raton, congratulations! It’s very rare for people to push through with the treatment, considering the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Nevertheless, the decision to undergo root canal treatment is best for you because you’re saving your tooth and stopping a potentially serious oral problem. 

Part of your root canal preparation is to brace on what to do after the treatment. This is essential for a quick and smooth recovery. Don’t worry; your endodontist will explain these things to you, but for additional reference, we’ve compiled some tips that will help you go through the recovery process as quick and hassle-free as possible. 

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How to Expedite the Root Canal Recovery Process 

Avoid Eating Right After a Root Canal 

We know you’re hungry, but for now, you should wait until the numbness from the anesthesia completely subsides before you start eating. Also, when you bite or chew, don’t use the affected tooth. It’s best to wait until all the soreness has disappeared. 

Elevate Your Head 

It’s normal to experience swelling and soreness around your mouth during the first few days post-treatment. However, you can help reduce the swelling by elevating your head when you sleep. This will help speed up the recovery process. To do that, you can get an extra pillow under your head. Aside from swelling, doing this will also ease the discomfort. 

Pain Medications Are Your Friends 

Root canal therapy is completely painless because you will be anesthetized. But, as soon as the anesthesia wears off, you will start to experience discomfort and pain around your gums. You can alleviate the pain by taking pain medications like ibuprofen. The important thing to remember when taking OTC pain killers is to follow the dosage and frequency given by your dentist. 

Swish Your Mouth With Warm Saline Water 

Some dentists recommend swishing your mouth with warm saline water to keep infection at bay. To make the saline solution, you only need to mix half a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. 

Apply Cold Compress 

Another way to reduce the swelling is to apply a cold compress on the side of your face with the affected tooth for up to 15 minutes. Do this several times a day until the swelling goes down. 

Avoid Anything That Triggers Inflammation 

During the recovery period, there are a few things you need to avoid, such as using a straw when drinking, consuming hot beverages, drinking alcohol, and smoking. All of these can trigger inflammation. It’s also essential to steer clear of foods that can likely get stuck in your teeth as this can impede the healing process and may even instigate an infection

Rest and Relax 

You are expected to rest during the first 48 hours after root canal therapy. This means you should not engage in sports, physical labor, and exercises like hiking, running, or jogging. Any strenuous activity will delay the recovery process. 

Tooth Sensitivity Is Normal 

You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks. This is expected during the first two weeks after root canal therapy. Don’t worry because the sensitivity will also go away in time, just like pain and swelling

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Are You Ready for Your Root Canal in Boca Raton? 

If you need help and guidance for your upcoming root canal therapy, you can rely on us for assistance. At 5th Ave Dental, we are committed to giving you the best possible treatment with our knowledge in the industry and our state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve your dental health goals. Contact us today to learn more.