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Symptoms of a Root Canal in Boca Raton  

How to Speed up the Recovery of Your Root Canal 

December 22, 2021

Did you know that a root canal in Boca Raton isn’t quite as frightening as you might think? Your mouth and gums should feel normal a week or two after your surgery if you follow the aftercare instructions.

Following root canal treatment, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you recover faster, improve healing, and avoid major dental issues and infections.

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Tips to Help You Speed up the Recovery of Your Root Canal   

Take Pain Relievers

When the procedure’s anesthesia wears off, you may experience pain and discomfort in your jaws and gums. Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers like ibuprofen (or whatever your dentist recommends) before that happens to make your recovery as painless as possible. Furthermore, if your dentist recommends antibiotics, make sure you complete the course as advised.  

Keep Your Head Elevated

You may have swelling and soreness around your mouth immediately following your surgery. Keep your head high and avoid reclining down as much as possible to keep this under control and reduce pain. 

For the first few days, it’s also a good idea to add an extra cushion so that your head is slightly raised when you sleep. In addition, make sure you don’t consume anything until the numbness subsides.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Put your feet up and rest since you should avoid excessive physical activity for at least 48 hours following your root canal operation. That means no jogging, hiking, sports, or heavy lifting.

Eat Something Cold and Use a Cold Compress

You’re urged to consume ice cream after your root canal (yes, you read that right). The cold helps to reduce inflammation and prevent infection, allowing you to heal faster. If ice cream isn’t your thing, using a cold compress for 10-15 minutes a few times a day during the first few days after the treatment is a fantastic option.

Warm Saltwater Rinse

One of the most severe dangers following a root canal is an infection of the gums around your tooth. This may be painful, so it’s better to avoid it. Regularly gathering warm, somewhat salty water will help keep your mouth clean and prevent infection, allowing you to continue your healing.   

Avoid Food and Beverages that Could Cause Irritation 

After your root canal, you may be able to sink your teeth into a dish of ice cream, but during the first few days, avoid hot liquids, alcohol, drinking via a straw, and gummy candies. These foods and beverages are known to irritate the gums, resulting in discomfort and swelling, which will hinder your recovery.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking should be avoided for at least 24 hours, and tobacco use should be limited as much as possible during the recovery time.   

Tobacco smoke contains substances that slow down the healing process by interfering with it. If you’re having trouble quitting smoking, consider nicotine patches.

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