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3D image of tooth with dental filling by a restorative dentist in Boca Raton

What Are the Types of Dental Fillings?

August 23, 2022

The surface of a tooth that has been destroyed by decay, fracture, or wear is repaired and restored by a dental filling. According to a restorative dentist in Boca Raton, if tooth decay is not treated when it is still in its early stages, it will deteriorate and may require additional or other dental procedures.  

A cavity filling can last between five and 12 years with adequate maintenance and regular oral hygiene, depending on the material used.  

restorative dentist in Boca Raton show 3D model of tooth with dental filling

Types of Dental Fillings  

Silver Amalgam Fillings  

The most popular kind of filling is this one. Silver amalgam is a mixture of minerals made up of 50% silver, 50% mercury, and 50% copper, zinc, and tin. It’s a common option for fillings among dentists because it’s reasonably priced, long-lasting, and robust. The usual 12-year lifespan of a silver amalgam filling is the reason why this is the most popular one.  

Experienced dentists can also place silver amalgam rather easily, and there are no worries that it will get contaminated by blood or saliva.  

Composite Dental Filling  

This type of dental filling is nearly invisible since they have a similar shade to your natural teeth. Because of the material’s minor flexibility, drilling is decreased, conserving more of your natural teeth. Composite fillings are made of resin material which results in a solid link with your teeth.  

  • They are strong and can bear wear and tear.  
  • They work well for minor repairs and fillings.  

This method has become extremely popular in recent years. 

restorative dentist in Boca Raton shows photo of tooth with dental filling

Ceramic Dental Filling  

Compared to composite fillings, ceramic fillings are usually created of porcelain and are less likely to discolor over time. Even though ceramic fillings are more expensive, they are a worthwhile investment because they are durable and have a lifespan of at least 15 years.  

Glass Ionomer Filling  

Glass ionomer, which is simply a flexible paste, is used to create a tight seal between the inner tooth and surrounding teeth. When the inner tooth is exposed because of a cavity, this dental filling functions as a sealant, keeping the tooth safe.  

Silicate glass powder is the main component of glass ionomer filling, which directly bonds with the tooth’s surface. This type has a distinct advantage of being able to gradually release fluoride to the surrounding area over time due to fluoride’s inclusion in the silicate glass-powder, assisting in the prevention of future cavities and safeguarding your teeth.  

Using glass ionomers has no detrimental consequences on health. When compared to composite fillings, their simple application and use is essentially a result of their flexibility.  

However, glass ionomer fillings lack strength and wear resistance compared to composite and amalgam fillings, which is one of their main drawbacks. As a result, they serve mostly as interim restorations before being replaced.  

restorative dentist in Boca Raton hardens dental filling

If You Need a Filling, Talk to a Restorative Dentist in Boca Raton!  

At 5th Avenue Dental, we are happy to assist you in making the right decision. We can also assist you regardless of the type of filling you desire or if you’re unsure and need some guidance. Always remember that our knowledgeable and amiable team will be more than pleased to speak with you.