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What Gum Problem Do You Have?

October 3, 2022

Will there come a time when you’ll need to see a periodontist in Boca Raton? The answer is yes if you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease. During a routine checkup, your dentist will not only assess your teeth for cavities and tooth decay, but they’ll also take a good look at your gums.  

Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in America? Statistics show that 70% of tooth loss can be owed to gum problems. Because gum disease can lead to potential tooth loss, it’s important to identify what type of gum problem you have for an effective treatment.  

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What Type of Gum Disease Do You Have? 

What Is the Role of Your Gums?  

Your gums may not be in the limelight compared to your teeth, but without them, you won’t be able to have a beautiful smile. Gums are soft tissues that encase the bones of your teeth and mouth.  

They create a tight and snug seal around each tooth to protect your teeth against bacteria and to keep them securely in place. When gum disease occurs, this seal gets compromised, allowing bacteria and plaque to destroy your teeth, gums, and jawbone.  

What Are the Common Types of Gum Disease? 

Gingivitis – More than 50% of the American adult population has gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition where gum tissues become inflamed. Some signs of gingivitis are red, bleeding, and swollen gums.   

Generally, healthy gums should look pinkish and firm and not bleed upon stimulation (ex., brushing/flossing). However, gums don’t always have to be pinkish. A person’s ethnicity may affect gum pigmentation. Nonetheless, dark-colored gums don’t mean you have a gum problem.  

Periodontal Disease/Periodontitis – The American Dental Association reports that 47.2% of Americans 30 years old and above are diagnosed with periodontitis.  

The signs of this disease are similar to gingivitis, but it is more advanced and often leads to loss of gum tissues and jawbone deterioration. Once the condition progresses to jawbone loss, it cannot be reversed. Without treatment, it will imminently result in tooth loss.  

Gum RecessionGum recession occurs when your tooth roots become exposed because your gum tissues have started to pull away. It is one of the consequences of gum disease due to jawbone loss.  

When you lose your jawbone, gum tissues will inevitably follow. Since tooth roots aren’t meant to be visible, gum recession puts you at risk of tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. It can also affect how your smile looks. Besides gum disease, other factors contributing to receding gums are genetics, chewing tobacco, teeth grinding, and improper brushing techniques.  

Periodontal Abscess – A gum abscess shows as a blister or a bump in your gums that contains pus. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection inside a deep periodontal pocket. Some of the signs and symptoms of a gum abscess are swelling and pain.  

Oral Cancer – The risk of developing oral cancer is one in every 60 men and one in every 140 women. Although oral cancer can affect any part of your mouth, the gums are no exception. Oral cancer may appear as white or red patches or a sore in your gums that doesn’t heal.  

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Do You Need to See a Periodontist in Boca Raton? 

Luckily, gum disease can be prevented if you practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist yearly for a routine checkup and teeth cleaning. At 5th Avenue Dental, we have a team of dedicated health professionals committed to enhancing your well-being with our wide range of first-class dental treatments. Contact us today for an appointment.