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Stop toothaches with a restorative dentist in boca raton

5 Signs You Might Need More Than Just a Filling

May 24, 2024

Have you ever gone to a restorative dentist in Boca Raton thinking you just have a tiny cavity that needs filling, only to find out there’s a bit more going on under the surface? It happens more often than you’d think. While fillings are great for small cavities, there are just certain instances where they aren’t enough to tackle larger dental woes. 

patient getting a filling with a restorative dentist in boca raton

Do You Need More Than Just a Filling?

Here are five signs that you might need a bit more than just a simple filling: 

Sign #1: You Have Tooth Pain That Won’t Go Away

Got a toothache that just keeps coming back? Especially the kind that screams when you drink something hot or cold or when you bite down on something? This could mean the decay has dug deep and hit the nerve. A simple filling might no longer be effective here. 

Your restorative dentist in Boca Raton might bring up options like a root canal to clear out the bad stuff or a crown to keep everything intact.

Sign #2: Your Tooth Has Cracks or Fractures

Visible cracks or fractures in a tooth are a clear red flag that you need more than a filling. These issues can weaken the overall structure of the tooth, making it susceptible to further damage. Depending on how deep or gnarly the crack is, you might need a crown to hold the tooth together or an inlay/onlay that offers more coverage than a regular filling.

Sign #3: Large or Old Fillings Don’t Work Anymore

Old or large fillings can fail over time – they can crack, leak, or just stop providing the protection the tooth needs. If your restorative dentist spots this during a check-up, they might recommend replacing the old filling with a new one or upgrading to a crown or another restorative option to give your tooth a better shield.

Sign #4: You Get Frequent Cavities Despite Good Oral Hygiene

If you’re brushing and flossing regularly but are still getting cavities frequently, this could be a sign of deeper issues. It might mean that the enamel is wearing away and not protecting your teeth as it should.

In such cases, your restorative dentist might suggest treatments that go beyond fillings, like dental sealants or even more extensive restorative work to protect your teeth from further decay.

Sign #5: You Notice Changes in Tooth Color or Shape

Seeing big changes in how your tooth looks, like it’s changing color or shape? This could signal deeper troubles, like a dead nerve or decay on the inside. These aren’t quick fixes and usually need more than a surface touch-up. 

Your restorative dentist might need to perform a root canal or slap on a crown to make sure your tooth stays functional and looks good.

Man suffering from tooth pain before visiting a restorative dentist in boca raton

Need an Experienced Restorative Dentist in Boca Raton to Get Your Filling Checked?

If you’re spotting any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach us at 5th Avenue Dental. We’re here to help you figure out the best way to keep your smile shining and tackle any dental issues head-on. Catching these problems early can save you a ton of hassle, discomfort, and, yes, even cash!

So don’t wait around – make that appointment today, and let’s keep that smile bright and healthy together!