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Problems With Dentures and What to Do About Them

March 27, 2023

Have you been considering dentures in Boca Raton to replace missing teeth? Dentures have undergone an extensive evolution since their invention. Today, dentures are fabricated to look like natural teeth and are incredibly comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, like any other tooth replacement method, dentures also come with problems. Below is a list of problems denture wearers encounter with their prostheses.  

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Denture Problems and Solutions

#1 Mouth Produces Too Much Saliva  

Some patients complain of having to deal with excessive saliva. Your body perceives your new denture as a foreign object. The body responds to this change by producing excess saliva. While it may seem uncomfortable, your mouth will gradually adapt to your new device.  

Dentists suggest you remain calm and avoid worrying too much because it will only make the adjustment period difficult for you. Meanwhile, dentists recommend chewing on a mint candy to help keep you comfortable.  

#2 Sore Spots and Pain 

Dentures are designed to fit your mouth comfortably. However, some patients may experience sore spots in certain areas of their mouth due to denture pressure. The pressure can cause pain and gum tissue chafing. There are two possible causes for sore spots. One, your mouth is still adjusting to the denture, and two, the dentures don’t fit your mouth well 

Dentists recommend rinsing with a warm saline solution or using a denture adhesive to reduce denture movement and avoid irritation. However, if your dentures are loose, you must visit the dental office for an adjustment or replacement.  

#3 Full Mouth Feeling  

If this is your first time wearing dentures, you may feel that the device is too large for your mouth or that your lips are being pushed forward. This feeling is completely normal since you are still in the adjustment phase. Even though they feel uncomfortable, dentists recommend you continue wearing them so that your oral muscles can quickly adjust to the device and keep them securely in place.  

#4 Denture Stomatitis 

Denture stomatitis, also known as thrush, is a type of yeast infection caused by a fungus. It affects both men and women. The condition is characterized by a painful red or white spots. Unfortunately, denture wearers have a high risk of developing denture stomatitis if they fail to keep their dentures clean or if the device doesn’t fit them well.   

You can protect yourself against oral infections by ensuring your dentures fit well, cleaning the device daily, practicing good oral hygiene, and removing your dentures when sleeping at night. This condition isn’t serious and can be treated with tablets and gels.  

#5 Problem Eating or Speaking 

Dentures are supposed to restore oral function, allowing you to speak and chew comfortably. However, the transition doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time for your mouth to adjust to your new dentures.  

While the muscles in your mouth are still adjusting to your dentures, you may find it difficult to speak and eat. In such a case, dentists recommend eating soft foods, cutting food into bite-sized pieces, practicing saying words, and speaking slowly.  

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Need Help Adjusting to Your New Dentures in Boca Raton? 

We understand the struggle if you’re new to your dentures, but if it’s still challenging, we are happy to help and offer tips and advice on transitioning and adapting to your new device quickly. At 5th Avenue Dental, we are committed to providing you with superior-quality dental care. Contact us for an appointment.